Beautiful Views on My Journey to Merbabu

Merbabu, Place where Math Adventure has been announced along with their first agenda, in November, 4th-5th 2014.


Those day, on Monday afternoon, at 3th on November, me, together with other companies like used to be in every single day, was sitting while enjoying some coffe at campus cafetaria. The day that become our historical gatepost for many years later as born of Math Adventure. Come to mind us to establish a community of nature lovers for the students of mathematics. Mindlessly of all people were present there agreed. Thousand leaf by leaf money were accumulated to rent a tent and sleeping bags. Then in the next afternoon we decided to make a trip.

In the next following day, Tuesday, November 4th, when the sun has slipped away and almost leaning westwards, gathered together the coolest 10 young people, energetic and full of dreams. They are Samsul Haris, Risna, Dwi Satio, Musa Herlambang, Saifuddin Zuhri, Anisa Sari, Isma, Zakiya, Nila and me, Andi Riyan. Ten people with five motors departed from Jogja (Yogyakarta) at about 16:00 and reached the mosque Selo, Boyolali at 18:00. We took a break for maghrib prayer and dinner. Tnformation about travel; From Jogja we departed towards Magelang, right at Muntilan market there are traffic lights turn right before the station back towards Jogja, then following the road until first signs of traffic lights and directly take letf onto Selo, Boyolali. After arriving at the police station Boyolali, there are signs that diret to Merbabu’s Basecamp Climbing, take that way.

We arived at Merbabu’s Basecamp Climbing right at 19:30; Like we used to be, we took register form, take Isya’ prayer and. Just for informations, there are 3 Basecamp neighboring, but you can take as you wish, cost is same. Entrace ticket @Rp.10.000,00, Parking Cost @Rp.5000,00. After briefing and be begin by praying right at 20:30 journey, climb to summit of top Kenteng Songo Mt. Merbabu at 3.142 MDPL (meter from seas) began.

Departure from Basecamp to 1st post was longest and most far. From gate basecamp into wild and reached first conservations forest ,road conditions : a crowded footstep road and abit climb between big tress, after trough forest of casuarina tree road condition changed up and downs about 1 Km. The weather was fresh due to in the protected forrest and save from tornado. Still in the forest, the road changed again, climb steep in slippery road, trough bushes. We stop and take a rest for a while, due to falling down rain, we pitch a tend. After about 45 minutes journey be continued, and about 23:20 we reached 1st post after climbing hard cores like escarpmen. 1st post stand elevated in 2500 MDPL.

The onward journey from 1st post toward 2nd post was varies greatly, ranging from down forests and scrub and forest Lamtoro. Journey was light enough not as heavy as the first trip. About 45 minutes we finally arrived at the 2nd post and immediately went to 3rd post that has begun to climb again, climb a very soft soil and dust were easy to fly. On the way between the 2nd post and 3rd post we stopped to boil water and make coffee.

Although on the mountain, the weather was pretty good not too cold, the stars were shining brightly in the sky and scattered widely. When a fine drizzle began to fall, we continued our journey to Savanna I (1st Savannah), the savannah is very wide as the field. The grass grows thick and tree edelwais have started to appear. Here the tents standing, but we move on again, climbing the steep toward savannah II and there we were stop and pitch a tend at around 2 am on 5th November. We took a break, some were cooking noodles and some go straight to bed. At this altitude the air is very cold, but the wind is not blowing.

When the cold air was strong at full blow, we got up from sleep to fulfill and worship the dawn prayer, time showed around 04:05 pm. Two tent and we dismantle and leaving only one tent stood for securing the goods. Out of here we climb without a carrier at about 04:40. The onward journey is to conquer the peak altitude of 3,142 meters above sea level.

The sun rises in savannah III, the views was very beautiful, the sea of clouds was under our feet, rolling clouds roll like waves adorning the horizon and emblazoned with the rising sun yellowish red. This is where the most fun trip, walk combing the grass as high as one meter and hike in the hills teletubies until savannah IV. Savannah IV; there’re also many tents were standing. Suggestions for next climbing, if you want to climb pitch a tend here on the savanna IV, somewhat sheltered from many small mountains and trees edelwais.

The next trip was to conquer the peak Kenteng Songo passing widest Sabana Edelweis ever we climbed before. Seen from a distance “incline frustrating” that appear striped lines and very long. I know why the call inclines frustrating, because the climb very long, high and almost vertical consisting of soil dust that very soft and prone to landslides.

About 1 hour we climbed, finally we reached the summit. With the peak target them Kenteng Songo, Merbabu at an altitude of 3,142 meters above sea level, right then 08:00 dated 5th November 2014, Math Adventure officially established.

After lingering over, enjoyed a peak altitude air and play games with savannah green grass and white and yellowish, finally trip down the mountain started around 10:00. Contingent fastest reach basecamp at 11:25 (it was me :D) and the last contingent of the reach basecamp at 15:30 pm.

After packing luggage, put out the trash, Asr prayer and reporting back, we departed to return to Yogyakarta. And we arrived at around 19:30 pm.

Salam Lestari!

Here the end of sory, other story will update immedietly with our photo.

Kind regards!

  • Math Adventure
    • Andi Riyan
    • Dwi Satio
    • Anisa Sari Asih
    • Nila Nurmalasari
    • Haroismawati
    • Saifudin Zuhri
    • Zakiyah
    • Musa Herlambang
    • Samsul Haris
    • Risna Anggaresa


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