Emptiness and At Sunrise Rising

Staring at the emptiness that full of sore.
Like the day will never be changed
if I looked not to,
There is nothing more loneliness
than nothingness itself.

No matter how far I jumped
still dryness land spread wide
in front of me
seems my own weariness
which will kill me.

If I was a man
who always look behind
I will be feel no sore
because there was
my home at the turf
fresh and peace.

But I am a man
who always look ahead
lonely desert and arid lakes
rather than having to look at past.

Not too much weariness, I will be felt
I will continue to jump ahead
Not too much loneliness awaits
I will live behind the night.

Do not to stop jumping and stepping
Until I found shelter
with the peace I lay forever.

If there is a place to me
to put my burden and sore
I will not put there.
But I will be glad
to stay with
to gaze sunrise rising.

Emptiness and At Sunrise Rising © Andy Riyan

– See more at: http://andyriyan.tumblr.com/post/125966679427/emptiness-and-at-sunrise-rising#sthash.T8uvwiWH.dpuf


Author: jejakandi

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