The Wind Songs

In the midst of these winds
I sing a song
For all longing souls
Let me sing off
To love, friends and others

The wind blows, brings love
With a rhythmic song
Bring deserted where it belongs
Dreams of all

I dedicate songs
to love one I protected
In the sense love means very much
Put off deserted to this evening

Yet great, we have dreams
Bring heart fulfil to love and purposeful
at the limit of time that gone
tenacious souls bring into one

I want all to open
The wind is our friend
Shared fresh grass
Truly thou are everything to me

I want all to know
Ye smile means so much
Shared these wind
Everything can be understand

Ye smiling ..
Ours forever
I long to you, thou love me, I love you
our love
I wishes to last for ever


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