Not Just The Words

Forget me if do not have a name.
I’m just a lonely
but trotted like strong horses’ hooves step.

I’m just a soul which deep in longing
on every chance.
Without ever realizing I never be longed.
My coming just like the whispering wind.

Life is not just the words,
words never be able to reveal the real life.
But I can not live without words.

Every day I write
without ever knew
whether there will be those who read, someday.
I write just because I love.

Never imagined how lonely these life.
Never imagined how it would be more
if I do not make friends with the language.

Because in every silence that held me,
I became accustomed to the night.
And there is nothing more silent
than nothingness itself.

Not Just The Words © Andy Riyan


Author: jejakandi

Mencoba mengolah rasa dan kata agar bermakna

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