When I look at the past for the first time. I just think about the beginning of the story over the night we were walking follow the line along the city. Coming at the evening up to midnight. Playing eye blind game, both speaking in riddle all around.

And now about what we have been doing…

I did something…

I thought…

There’s something wrong..

There has got to change…


Thought the world outside… that be wrong… It seems fair, ’cause I was a man of the letter. The narrator. The storyteller. Protagonist… But it become too long to get an end.

If it taking more much longer. It must be wrong…


The world outside was wrong is wrong!

What the hell that happen to me?

It’s me? That I am not suppose to be?



So I took misunderstood for all these years? I did? The biggest mistake? The worst wasting time ever had? About two or three years without think it before? How it possible to me? What on earth she doing, never told me that I was misunderstood. If I just understand, I will never become such a fool like this.

I’ve memorized it line for line. Our future. I’ve memorized it well. It’s hard for me to believe. It’s too hurt… I was the only wrong.

There is no hope unless I made a better hope. Making all for tomorrow. A better place for us. Making all the way open or stop here. Untill it feels fit. Give a comfort to stay linger. Or not at all… I mean, there is no truth that lies.


Author: jejakandi

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