She’s So Faraway

She’s so faraway,
walking through between the stars.
I do believe…
it’s just a dream
to have her for my life.

She has been walking… through the shadows
and found the lights,
that able to make her own hearts
always be burning.

And in the other day,
I found her,
the broken smile’s maiden.
And I do make her
suffering more.

She always deserves
to get the best one.
Not me…
and yet not the foolish one.

She always gets
somebody who always love her.
That everybody comes
and moves arround to her lifetime

She do not need more wise man
not even more kind.
Moreover a lesser one…
like myself

I just wondering why she get mad,
when I was looking at her face…
staring into her eyes.

She’s So Faraway © Andy Riyan


Author: jejakandi

Mencoba mengolah rasa dan kata agar bermakna

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