Swiftly Like The Wind

You were leaving…
swiftly like the wind.
Passing the door
without saying goodbye.
And myself know nothing
‘till be learned
by no words that left behind.

Suffering too much…
learning too hard…
lost in sign of you
only to know how love must be started
and how it shall be ended
feel nothing still
but calling even more ills

Though couldn’t hold on the sun-glory
yet there’re many flowers
that will be blossom
in lonely corner of the world
revealing hearts meant to be.

Now it’s tasteless,
and I could not recall
the feel of the words
when the rains drop to fall in the earth.
Stretching silence… longer… for those time
choking the voices to the end
like be egoistic to speak.

For the seconds it works… then stop
like the winds goes through
and away
so that lost from knowledge
where the voices heading off
be silent and away
and forgotten.

Swiftly Like The Wind © Andy Riyan


Author: jejakandi

Mencoba mengolah rasa dan kata agar bermakna

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