The Loving Sun

The night might been away goes to quiet, when I put every expression into words of poem. That I think these winged words are quite tough for universe to understand.

The Young Gun

The roaring winds blows outside, sounding a crack and creeping along with approaching the cold air. That feel like prick all my bones. And yet it quite long as accompany a man in his thought.

Anyway I have the world, somewhere, somewhat I spend the days for writing all my mind. I am in my world, living vivid, sad less and happy more like need nothing extended to continue living happy my life. ‘Cause I can represent the feel like it how should be and how it’s flowing in the right thing with regularity and complete chaos.

However, when everything has seen bolder, as bold as black ink that scratching over white paper, I realize that I have to make my world goes bigger. In that time I do want to abandon that place which I live all along. Because reality have been making it goes fade away as blur as tones G and A for non-expert furthermore for they whom lacking sense of chromatic. I wanted to destroy it, once. Destroy the world which overwhelming of beauty but artificial, which full of perfectous conditions but flawed in reality and has a lot of holes. I want to go… Yeah I want to go from the world which dreams to be overwhelmed but void in the crux time. I want to go to somewhere that no one will meet me there.

And I’ll create another one any way, build new world for us to live, the real one. The place where myself and my people alive, since for the morning and all remain the days is special and value much in each detail. Somewhere that our dreams will come true and where all the things happen like throwing a stone above and will get down to the ground. Our world that you will enjoy most times as like sweet in taste of chocolate ice cream, full of flourish freshness. The world where dreams that exist are tough and hard like reef and not easy to knock it down even though rolling wave of the sea assaulted endlessly. And where life is not as sweet as speech and as perfect as poetic voices. But anywhere that story is never ever happy ending.

And now I have a reason why I have to and what I live for. I have a reason why I must to get up from these long sleeps. And whatever and anyhow that reason works I’ll accept it. And I will go along may last until figure out what next to do with that I’ve become someone new. I will go along may last until the time comes.

And for now I’ll live here beside you, accompany you wandering the world, yours, in time, always in your side in every your present facing beauty and doom. And yeah! From now on you know that you are the reason. You are the reason I wake up every morning.

I know that reason need not simply strong proof, more than a matter the real proof. Not just like a viscous smoke then gone in a little while. Not just like a firecracker that boom all at once in the crowd but then quiet, lonely and deserted, forget all boom that happened before. I have been counting this, though this is not sophisticated counts according a formula and have been tested in mathematic’s laboratory, I’ve been counting the risk, so in there I began… shaping a new world. Will be there… many lies, slandering and sufferings as part from a real life. I know for sure because I’ve been there once. Miserly, heavy and no mercy. But there’s one thing that we will be never able to forget : Alive… Alive.. Feel alive… Alive for real.

The truth will be found for you who wanted. And if the reason is you… so you are the truth I concede. If the world need life spring so that who all grow from small to big guaranteed, who all that solid must goes to sublime and who all the cold must goes to warmth, they need the sun… but all I need is you, because for me, you are the loving sun.

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