Everyday Is Everything New


I am absolutely sure you know better than I did, that every day is everything new. It makes us delighted, doesn’t it? It always makes us feel like we always have another thing to do. We always have a certain amount of time and space to make dream comes true. Or another chance to begin wherever we want started to do. As we could not pull our self back to the way we began, but we still have a lifespan to start and make another ends we wanted to get in live.

Back then, when I was able to write constantly here in the world-away of madness, I can imagine that in the last day of the year I will have finished my book. But every day is everything new, right? And I didn’t think all these crazinesses will be affecting my daily basic. I have never counted these all before. May be for you this is normal, because you do all your life as let it flow. But for me— a man who always act as a true mathematician, I mean to be that true mathematician even though shall not be true, that everything in the world is logic and could be counted as dynamic flow that output is depend on input and also will be affected by some constrains— it was a sophistical wrong counting. However to arrive in this palpable discord, it costs nothing, no less than wasteful time though. So I must be proud of hard work that I’ve given wholeheartedly. Oh yeah, I’ll never be able to sorry for what I’ve been doing because I do all by myself wholeheartedly.

It’s very important to do everything wholeheartedly. I repeat it’s very important. As human being, we often lost in sight of our future and found that is very difficult to get back to we were before. So then we live in endless circles, like a headless chicken run away from their shadows. Professor Tolkien and Mr. Bilbo said : Not all those who wander are lost. And I mean not to be lost even though that I found is the time dipping me in the ocean of falseness and drowning my body and souls into the deep of the darkness in hearts of doubtful.

I wish I could tell you story that I mentioned above, the crazinesses that affected my daily basic before. But now it’s not the right time to, it shall right to tell you that I’m still alive and glad I still here with these world, “HELLO! 🙂 .” Now, what I’ve been doing? I set my goal to reading better, writing better. Because I believe if you could reached that goals the world will follow you, keep in touch and getting closer to you. All along I move from door to door and seeking what I can do to prove the logic I had is true.

So come to me, Dear! I will read you better! Come to me! Close to my hearts and souls then perfection in near our grasp even on the way belongs to us.

Winter di Desa Hujan, Temanggung,
21 November 2017

Andy Riyan

Note : Pictures are private documents

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