A Poem That Doesn’t Rhyme Anymore : “Doesn’t Go Well”

Seems something doesn’t go well.// I can’t talk to people,// and I’m about to go fade and away.//

I can’t write the minds nor the hearts// as they go unnoticed// and lost from my grasp.//

I lost the touch,// my fingers are shaking and forgot about their souls.//

Seems something doesn’t go well.// The rain sounds bothering me,// the old voices from day’s old// are dying.// The sound of my guitar is false. And I can’t screaming out the mind means to be, the hearts have to be.//

I feel enough to this live,// I’m lonely in the world I used live to be,// with the hopes are about to stay linger,// not to mean going forward// or find me better places of my plans working// or my futures are about to reveal their roles to my live.//

They don’t show me that all.//

Oh a man of a hopeless fools//you are about to die miserably.//

A Poem That Doesnt Rhyme Anymore : “Doesnt Go Well” | (C)Andy Riyan, In The Front Of The Gate Of The Void. 

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