Liebster Award : You Left A Footprint, You Lift Your Own History

Hello Amigos? Afortunedament todos por la felicidad. Siempre por la libertad. How are you today? I hope you are fine. Aren’t you? I’m glad to know if you are okay.

Now, that I have to say to you is no less than anything but thank you. Thank you so much for coming to jejakandi, my lovely personal Blog, and reading some pieces of nothing but random minds. Yes! Random minds. But I always proud with all I have, so these garbages, whatever these garbages may become, I called them articles, ha ha aha.

Now to arrive in this article that I present to you, it’s not easy. As you know, it took way too long to write down my minds and share my thoughts to this world as an honor that has come to me from my friend, Nadya Irsalina a.ka. @wakingupat3am _. I have been so busy lately and still don’t know when I’m ready to come back and stick in here like I used to be in the past. I am too busy or pretending to place my self stuck in busy so I have no time for writing some letters or articles. But I do not remember in what situations I didn’t act seriously for what I love. Writing here in jejakandi is also one thing that I love the most in the world. Again, I say thank you very much to stay with me especially for Nadya that has nominated myself to answer her questions from The Liebster Award, and those questions are like a baby mother who being pregnant my baby minds and to this born as new ideas of articles. It’s not the first time I’ve been nominated an award like this, but it’s the first time I’ve been nominated an award from English version.

The Liebster Award is an article that contains eleven questions you have to answer, then you write down eleven questions too and nominate eleven blogger or friends to answer your questions. Shortly it is like a chain message. For more detailed about this award you can visit her blog in and to get back link click here

So let’s begin from first questions.

  1. Why did you start blogging?

I love it. What else matter? 😀

  1. How long have you been blogging and what has kept you going until now?

I’ve started since 2008, you wouldn’t found difficulties to count it. :v I still love it, the reason I’ve kept going. 🙂

  1. Do you honestly read every post that you like?

Of course.

  1. If you could change one thing about yourself, what it would be?

Nothing. Why I want to change it? I love every single part of mine. Hahaha

  1. What is one interesting fact about you?

Hemmmm. It’s difficult question. If I could change the question, what if… what is one not interesting fact about you? For sure, I will answer : There’s nothing that is not interesting about me. I’m a narcist king. LOL

  1. Do you want to be famous?

Yes, I do. It would be a fantastic way to be immortal. And no I don’t want to be that famous person, I could not imagine how stressed they are to be that famous.

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

London, because there Stamford-Bridge stadium is located.

  1. Do you have any hidden talents? If so, what?

Hidden talents? Hemmm… sixth sense? Yes I have it. LOL. No no no do not have this—whatever shit hidden talent–thing.

  1. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

What date? Date line! Yes it’s a prefect perfect perfect date, you could push your final power out. The Power of Kepepet. Mlipir dulu ha ha ha

  1. What is your favorite way to relax?

Making trashes into ashes. Burning! Burning! Burning your body and soul! Hahaha.

  1. To what extent do you trust people?

There are many variations among one to others. The lowest I trust nothing. The highest, I trust to give my live but not my soul.


Those are the answer if you want the simplest one. I know it’s too rude for you after I said that those questions are like a baby mother who being pregnant my baby minds. Moreover those questions come down from the hearts of the smart and beautiful girl. And it’s way too faraway from my attitude to ignore a girl like her. But, I don’t know what the readers expect, I’m afraid the more I speak, the less people want to hear… the more I write the less people want to read my full story. Because many people believe, the more you tell about yourself the more you potent to tell a lie.

However, people nowadays are accustomed with a lie even love a lie, and don’t care of a lie… now safe for me to write down more story. Yeah! If you want to read some more, you can follow this article until the end. There is no surprise just an extended story. And if you want no more… again I say thank you for reading until this time. But one thing that you should know… it’s not easy for me to arrive to this… I always put all my effort for what all I love, you may missed that thing I called a love.

  1. Why did you start blogging?

Yeah… so the extended story begin. Like I said before, I love it and nothing else matter. I love reading and writing. Whenever you read, you think, why I always have to think? Why I have to stuck in thinking? It’s normal when you are a homo sapiens, isn’t it? I have a syndrome, terrible syndrome may I say : I cant stop thinking. While I’m reading or not, I can’t stop it. I have no brainer to live except to think. It’s painful.

I’m glad to know, Rene Descartes said : Cogito Ergo Sum! It make me feel I’m not alone in this world. Why Mr. Descartes have to say it, because he born to say it, become legend and immortal.

So why did I start blogging? To reduce a pain I suffer all along by writing down my minds, so I must not thinking everything, could forgetting a hard thing without insecurity and fear of losing them. It’s the first reason, the more reason is… sometimes I lost in doubtfulness and confuses and I found the most effective drug for losing soul is writing. Writing is a drug for losing soul, yeah exactly like that. So I take blog as like an alternative platform to reduce a pain.

  1. How long have you been blogging and what has kept you going until now?

I’ve started Blogging since I was in vocational high school in 2008. I was still in second grade. Back then I met a friend who had an addiction to visit an internet cafe.

One day he invited me to share money and access internet together. I do remember the default page which was displayed on the Internet Explorer screen… Still MSN. He, then, introduced me to the largest chatting platform in the time, MiRC. Amazing. I didn’t know what he was doing, suddenly he was typing something and the screen changed with the page which full of porn pictures. Suddenly, I was vomiting and want not to continue. I was angry with him, never in my life, I’ve seen such a bad picture like that. I gave my money and went out.

But it was just a beginning of story. Later, I met with a different friend, he invited me to visit an internet cafe that was presented in opening day. I agree. He, then, introduced me with Google page.

“Woww! This fellow is fucking genius.” I said in my heart.

But what the hell! What I found? His mind like many other young man, that day was full of porn. He also accessed porn site. What a unique is he did with the help of search engines. I understand that day and was not angry because I got an idea. With this Google-things, I thought I could search many things beyond my world.

Then I decided to accessed internet all alone. That day I was die hard fan of Chelsea Olivia (later I know, why I do adore her, because she has same name with my club favorite), so I collected her pictures. From day by day when I visited internet cafe, I just wanted to see Chelsea Olivia and I was amazed by personal page and thinking what if I put my pictures there, I would be popular like her, but I don’t know how to do it. Until I met my teacher, Mr. Adi who teach me how to build a free blog. He, although only introduced me with WordPress and how to register and no more, he has become instrumental and integral part of my survival of internet era.

That is my story and what what that has kept me going until this very day? Because I survived through this many things, adventures, and challenges. Blogging has introduced me to many things and challenges and find me to another dimensions. Blogging has met me with other people who is like you do… giving me more challenges. Blogging is full of adventures and with that you can see that you have changed become a man today over yesterday. You left a footprint, you lift your own history.

See yaa, the extended story of remaining questions will be presented in the next post, Insyaallah.

Andy Riyan

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nadya Irsalina says:

    Wow terima kasih udh ngeluangin waktu utk jawabin questionsnya in the midst of your busy schedule 🙂
    Lol kayanya hampir sebagian besar anak cowo awa2 kenal internet psti pernah buka yang berbau porn ya -_- It’s great you figured out better things to do with the internet.
    Btw ini tulisannya msh berlanjut yaa nampaknya. Hmmm i’ll check it out again 😇


  2. Nadya Irsalina says:

    Wow terima kasih udh ngeluangin waktu utk jawabin questionsnya in the midst of your busy schedule 🙂
    Lol kayanya hampir sebagian besar anak cowo awa2 kenal internet psti pernah buka yang berbau porn ya -_- It’s great you figured out better things to do with the internet.
    Btw ini tulisannya msh berlanjut yaa nampaknya. Hmmm i’ll check it out again. 😇


    1. jejakandi says:

      Heuheu. Di zaman itu sebetulnya hanya beberapa saja, soalnya cowo zaman itu pikiran mungkin lebih tertuju pada kompetisi semacam olah raga atau WE di PS 2. Saya mulai menemui hal-hal berbau porn menjadi serasa wajar itu setelah beberapa tahun kemudian, ya hampir bersamaan dengan era Symbian dan Java 2.0
      Yeah, it’s such a something good like an achievement in oldies era.

      Sepertinya masih berlanjut, dan akan dibuat semacam topik per post yang membahas panjang lebar.

      Apa tidak keberatan jika nanti saya membuat ping back berulang-ulang di halaman liebster award milik njenengan, Mbak?


      1. Nadya Irsalina says:

        hooo gitu ya. abisnya dulu jaman kenal internet temen2ku yg cowok jg pd suka liat yg aneh2 tp aku ga gumun jg sih wkwk

        ngapapa kok mas, ga keberatan sama sekali


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