The Sinner’s Poem : Self Destruction

Tak ada kedamaian bagi pendosa, tak ada rasa tenteram bagi yang tak mengenal cinta. Yang ku benci adalah diriku bila iri tumbuh di hati, kedengkian meliputi nafsu dan kemarahan mengendalikan egoku. Dan bagi ketidakwarasanku, akal yang tak berguna, birahi yang menggelora dan dendam yang membara; adalah muara semua nista. Andy Riyan

A Poem That Doesn’t Rhyme Anymore : “Doesn’t Go Well”

Seems something doesn’t go well.// I can’t talk to people,// and I’m about to go fade and away.// I can’t write the minds nor the hearts// as they go unnoticed// and lost from my grasp.// I lost the touch,// my fingers are shaking and forgot about their souls.// Seems something doesn’t go well.// The rain…

Near You Around

It’s rainy night. The shadow should not followed you. But it’s odd… You still find me not in particular reason. It’s wrong… Because you see myself in your shadow. Since I am only your shadow. You shall not fear. Just get rid off me. When you overwhelmed by the lights you’ll find out your true…

Swiftly Like The Wind

​You were leaving… swiftly like the wind. Passing the door without saying goodbye. And myself know nothing ‘till be learned by no words that left behind. Suffering too much… learning too hard… lost in sign of you only to know how love must be started and how it shall be ended feel nothing still but…

Aku Letih

Aku letih, Sayang. Berbicara denganmu, tak ada kemajuan. Aku lelah, Sayang. Bermain teka-teki denganmu tanpa harapan tuk menang. Roda pasti berputar, Sayang. Namun aku telah terjebak, tak bisa kemanapun tuk beranjak. Aku merindukanmu, Sayang. Namun lelahku telah sampai di ujungnya. (C) Andy Riyan 

Adore (Turbulence Fondle)

This wistfully sun remind me on your warm smile persuasion. Dark cloud swept away, hide the love that you’re buried. The long turbulence fondle, O my beloved. Like a star, disappeared in daylight The sun drowned together with night. imprison every taste, ye love, were still keep saved secure. Be remembered always, the moment with…

The Wind Songs

The wind blows, brings love
With a rhythmic song
Bring deserted where it belongs
Dreams of all

Emptiness and At Sunrise Rising

Empty, Staring at the emptiness that full of sore. Like the day will never be changed if I looked not to, There is nothing more loneliness than nothingness itself. No matter how far I jumped still dryness land spread wide in front of me seems my own weariness which will kill me. If I was…

Of The Sore

Of the sore, I wouldn’t do not to deal with you anymore. I begin to enjoy it. The pain I feel, the wound I suffer. All injury, tomorrow’s sorrow, I face. Not to fear, feel free to bear. Of the sore, I will deal to you again for countless year ahead. I am not affraid….