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A Poem That Doesn’t Rhyme Anymore : “Doesn’t Go Well”

Seems something doesn’t go well.// I can’t talk to people,// and I’m about to go fade and away.//

I can’t write the minds nor the hearts// as they go unnoticed// and lost from my grasp.//

I lost the touch,// my fingers are shaking and forgot about their souls.//

Seems something doesn’t go well.// The rain sounds bothering me,// the old voices from day’s old// are dying.// The sound of my guitar is false. And I can’t screaming out the mind means to be, the hearts have to be.//

I feel enough to this live,// I’m lonely in the world I used live to be,// with the hopes are about to stay linger,// not to mean going forward// or find me better places of my plans working// or my futures are about to reveal their roles to my live.//

They don’t show me that all.//

Oh a man of a hopeless fools//you are about to die miserably.//

A Poem That Doesnt Rhyme Anymore : “Doesnt Go Well” | (C)Andy Riyan, In The Front Of The Gate Of The Void. 

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Sekian dan selamat malam Amigoooooos!!!

For Eternity

I walk close to the edge of night.
Didn’t know, it’s skies falling
or I am flying.
That I know, we and the stars
become neighbours.
Bellatrix and Orion
are in the next door.

One day on September.
I was looking for
a moment to remember.
The peace caught my self
and my souls
All shall be better.
If they didn’t put on my hands
a giant monster.

I walk head towards tomorrow.
Time it’s only matter now,
but I keep push myself through anyhow.
And time,
the thing I have to decide wisely,
to being becoming with you
to live spare in eternity.

Poem written by jejakandi

Lemme zhine fo’ yeh, once fo’ zhe last ‘ime. Just pleaze lookin’ to my eyez. There’s a sparklin’ staa that haz to go fades. Yeh shall see it, when it comez to the end of its life. Here in zhe night, when zhe zweet words can’t ewen helpit to hold any longer. When silence and nozhingnezz even have no space to cover. All juzt waiting fo’ second to itz death.